Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sexy Flirt Glam style Inc.

Beautiful duo Kalala and Fabiola Aisah in the world of fashion is made with the launch of Flirt Inc.., A boutique in Senayan City. As its name implies, Flirt, drawings and models on display at the inaugural launch was classified as "seductive". The dresses were directed to the needs of casual, formal education, up to the needs of the party and disco.

In his first fashion show, Flirt Sexy Glam takes issue with the sample 27 dresses for women from 17 to 40-an. They wanted to always look a day following the trend, but not necessarily Overbudget.

Some collections are displayed is a dress with animal print patterns, such as leopards and the reasons Python. The elections were the most varied colors. Not only white, black or brown, but purple, blue, gray, brown and orange ground. Several other Python snake print dress and asymmetrical diagonal, and florals.

Sexy Glam using materials like lycra and jersey, a tightly wrapped body. The lines also tend to design their skin. But his body lean or extra large you can use these clothes, because Sexy Glam is also maxi dress with a V-neck and halter neck, shoulder in one piece, is also a mini dress and strapless models.

''In essence, we want to use will be elegant and safe, but do not have a high body shape and sexy as a model,''said Kalala Indah.

He said the average woman likes to wear clothes that can make it look nice. Unfortunately, designer clothes are expensive, so they must hunt these closet abroad. So, at times the model does not fit well for Indonesia.

"We ourselves oriented to Italy and Paris, but we adjust to the conditions and requirements in the country,''said Indah, who said to have much in common with the ideas Fabiola.

Flirt Collection Inc.. you can get a price of approximately USD 1 to 5 million people. Collection will be updated every four months.


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