Friday, December 10, 2010

Lady Gaga glamor for Mac

Lady Gaga
Once appointed to the MAC icons, Lady Gaga has starred in ads for the brand famous. Chanter "Telephone" has also been published in the latest Mac campaign. This time, the singer famous for its glamorous appearance nyentriknya show for MAC Viva Glam ad.

On Thursday (9 / 12) yesterday, Lady Gaga has been announced as the newest spokesperson for MAC Viva Glam campaign. Not gaga for the first time appeared in advertising campaigns for MAC.

Earlier this year, the singer of "Poker Face" by Cyndi Lauper to participate in MAC ad campaign which included the sale donated to the MAC AIDS Fund benefits. So that was quoted from Holly Coop, Friday (12/10/2010).

For MAC Viva Glam campaign, a variety of poses Gaga immortalized by photographer Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti.

In the ad, Gaga actually look glamorous, but more like an ad than ads make up jewelry. Because, in a pose Gaga, who let their hair loose grip of shiny jewelry.


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