Friday, December 17, 2010

Lara Stone Tom Ford's New Model

TOM FORD is trying hard to manage new ad campaign for women's clothing collections, including a ban on the media to report on Fashion Week earlier this year.

However, a Texas-based designer's biggest fan of the model Lara Stone. The designer also chose the latest model 49-year-old Calvin Klein showcase for the newest line of W magazine

Shown for the Gap, Stone her hair permed. So, barely recognizable in a dramatic photo shoots. In her black catsuit winged bat, Stone adept at showing off the body like sand.

Wife of comedian David Walliams has also appeared in a leopard-pattern gown decorated with sequins and lace. Before elected, the brand was originally dimodeli by Daphne Guinness, who also Julianna Moore, Beyonce and Lauren Hutton.

Ford assessing them one of the 32 celebrities who have a title as the world's most inspiring women. So that was quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (12/16/2010).

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar Ford said the model of choice, "the women (in the fashion I) from their appearance changes from day to day. They already know who they are what makes it iconic. They know who their own know what his preference, and will know what makes him look good. "

This collection will be sold at retail, with prices from £ 2,900 to £ 22,000 and will be sold in 16 men's clothing boutiques, including the design of classical pieces from Ford.

He said: "It's about individuality. It's really dress for women. For a fashionable woman of 25 to 75 years. That's why I really think that much of this performance. I heard them say: 'God, I can not found in everywhere. "

It seems that Tom's out to conquer the world. Not only as a designer but also a director. He received praise for a very stylish movie "A Single Man" starring Julianne Moore and Colin Firth.

Ford, who is also responsible for the famous Gucci brand, which has changed in the past decade.


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