Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, Hypnosis him with Sexy Lingerie

CHRISTMAS stayed two days. Only today and tomorrow to settle their fate in the final minutes of the birth of Jesus. But if you run out of ideas, do not panic. Because it does not hurt to look sexy at Christmas.

Miss Scotland Nicola Mimnagh has an alternative option to Christmas, so you do not look in the best clothing stores.

And ladies, if you want a good treat to get a good Christmas story, now is the time to hypnotize him in her sexy lingerie.

A red satin bra and black lace bra, worn with lace gloves, guaranteed sex appeal to give couples.

If you have something a little different, Nicola provides an alternative choice. Namely, that bra and thong with shimmering gold details. So that was quoted by The Sun on Thursday (12/23/2010).

A doll that has a red underwear looks stunning as opening a nice Christmas present. Meanwhile, black chiffon bra and shorts looked glamorous as "magical" to him on Christmas Day.


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