Friday, December 10, 2010

Choose Bag In line with Personality

One of the habits of the women when shopping is to buy goods with cheap price. If you have any discount or write off a percentage, his eyes fixed on the goods directly labeled these two items. Cash is also interested to buy because of other considerations can buy with prices. In fact, the goods are not necessarily require significant or useful.

Okay, more specific course, the bag is a good number two of the most purchased after clothes. This is especially for women who wish to shop in department stores. For a woman, the bag is not only useful as a means of transporting goods alone. Bags are also useful to complement this appearance when attending a party, shop, picnic and other events.

Women often find bags that match the desire. Sometimes the poke because the brand or the color of interest. Types of bags purchased at the boutique can say who you really are, how you taste and how your personality. And the bag, believe it or not, a reflection of your personality. Well, you want to know how your character according to the bag that you wear? Follow a few tips below:

Oversized Bag

Large bag suggests more slender and its use is that you want. You also love bags that can be used every day, so they can a mirror, lipstick, hair brush or a boss to wear on special evenings store. You want to wear hobo bag is pretty smart but a little lazy.

Bag Color Nude

Carrying a bag with a nude or beige color indicates that you have a charming and friendly personality. Handbag neutral color means that you have a practical shopper. You are always a collection of worn something that fit with your wardrobe.


According to a lifestyle site for women who wear the clutch goal, the women clutch wear for everyday purposes is a jet-setter. Is that correct? It is clear that a thin bag squeezed between two fingers barely big store goods, except maybe cell phone and wallet, which was not too thick. People who use it every day probably an accomplice (or friend) who faithfully followed, while bringing your goods to another had.

Berde Decor Tail Bag

Eye-catching with knick-perniknya, indicating someone who is confident. But wearing a bag that highlight also showed that users tend to others when he walking the streets to ignore.

Square Tote

Usually people who wear these bags are usually female, often appear as a snow princess with a matching shirt, shoes are "cute" and sexy makeup. Preferred bags are usually pink or orange with a small short handrails or square foot underneath. Women with a personality is usually always follow the fashion, as shown in the magazine. Not just clothes, but makeup.

Bags Backpacks with waist belt

Many said that people who wear backpacks a sporty personality. Always moving on, because the clothes and accessories you are likely to casual and simple, so as not to inhibit the activity you seabrek. Preferred bags usually made of leather or nylon with a red color that is easy to clean is a good choice to support the activity.

Physicians Tutuo trendy bags

Classical personality described as people who prefer the convenience in choosing the standard lines with durable material. Even so, you tend to decorate themselves with the more trendy accessories, but Rob is not a classic impression of your overall appearance. Suede material selected with the color of brown or shiny will still classic.


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