Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dannii Minogue wants to dress Jennifer Aniston

Dannii Minogue is trying out a new profession as a fashion designer. With its new way of walking, Australian singer is excited to dress Jennifer Aniston. The reason, Dannii dressing tastes widow of Brad Pitt.

Dannii D Project launch fashion collection at the beginning of this year. Although many stars who wear collection, along with business partner Dannii Tabitha Somerset Webb admits is a dream come true as the former star of "Friends" was wearing one of their fashion creations.

"We would love it if Jennifer Aniston wearing our clothing collections. I would willingly die, if you can white colored t-shirt and jeans compatible with the way his style. The whole concept is simple, neat, not glamorous is enforced, is that we all want, "said Dhani as those mentioned Female First, Wednesday (12/29/2010).

Dannii also revealed that the fashion creations is a kind of everyday clothing. So they made sure that if the price is still reasonably priced.

Apart from Dannii, Victoria Beckham, a former singer who also try your luck for a fashion designer. It's just fashion collection mother of three children tend to be expensive.

"I love Victoria Beckham's fashion collection, and I admired him as a fashion designer, fashion and it may cost more affordable, " he added.

"Project D, we have created is so beautiful, this dress will you want to use again and again, and I think our clothing collections are beautiful," he concluded.

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