Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011, Katy Perry Still Game Show

Katy Perry
Since its presence in the music industry, singer Katy Perry directly assessed as a fashion icon. Besides having an unusual fashion sense, this 26-year-old singer always excited to watch. Russell Brand In 2011, the woman left the scene and always berbusananya style "vocal".

Katy berbusananya known for exceptional style, funny, is also unique. Katy no problem dressing like a snowman, Christmas tree, until a sexy incarnation of Elvis Presley. Personal stylist Johnny Wujek said, next year there will be no exception, with Katy will perform a scene from another singer.

"It is fun, glamorous take this opportunity to ridicule on another occasion. Next year there will be no radical change in style, but an evolution. Katy Katy will always weird," said Johnny quoted by Contact Music, Wednesday (29/12 / 2010).

"Fluorescent light is very important for spring, I can see him wearing a neon few pairs. But most of Katy will wear whatever she wants, she never felt the style of the fashion dictated," he continued.

Johnny continued protection, Katy will not reduce his habit of wearing a low neckline dresses and reduce the visible brave since married Russell. Chanter "California Gurl" will always "appear" as they should.

"One thing is certain, he will not use a conservative fashion. Today he is married to Russell, the answer is not possible! Katy itself that determines how the hairstyle and her makeup, and she always had a vision. He was not too did not look like anyone else, "he concluded.

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