Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apparently, many women wear the wrong size bra Cup!

Female People need to know exactly the size of the bra she was wearing. Who would have thought, for these women wear the wrong size bra cups. Why?

This is not a new case. Although sound crazy, but some women have been allowed to increase breast size bra cup, because she was wearing is not appropriate.

This amount is fairly strongly, with bra cup size is the largest increases from B to DD in the past 50 years.

Women's health experts blame a variety of environmental and hormonal factors, while lingerie specialists say, some women realized they were wearing the wrong size bra for years.

According to Esther Labi bra expert, is an increase in bra cup size is important in lean women, especially teenagers, with very large F or G cup breasts.

"Many teens use 10F cup, their girls slim but they have a coffin," said Esther told the Sydney Morning Herald quoted from the Times of India on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

Companies Esther Labi, Storm in a D Cup, where women who endowed large breast size, and often have a satisfying experience in store.

"There are a lot of frustration in underwear is not available when a small body but big breasts," he explained.

Lingerie expert, Carol Ferlito, said about half of all customers look bigger than DD cup. According to official data company, a large bra size adding one third of total turnover.

Ferlito cups regularly matches girls aged 11 and 12 years in sizes D and DD, even for their first bra.

"The young generation of today that many breast larger than the previous generation. Sometimes a mother does not realize how much their daughter," he added.

Susan Davis, a professor in the department of women's health at Monash University said the bigger breasts are typical in a Western society that, in combination Asia.

In the early days of puberty, delaying childbirth, and increasing total body fat to the hormone cocktail that is conducive to larger breasts.

"As you go through puberty at age 12 will have more time to make your breasts bigger with fat in it. Producing an increase in estrogen causes the breast tissue," he said.

Professor Davis believes estrogen in the food chain and exposure to chemicals rather than synthetic hormones in pills and hormone replacement therapy, also makes women's breasts evolved.

Yeah, how do you measure the size of her bra cups?


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