Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pensions, Kate Moss opened the School of Fashion

Kate Moss
In the world of fashion, Kate Moss is one of the most famous supermodel. Their work in the fashion world is incalculable. But now the age she was not young anymore. After his retirement in the world of the catwalk, her 35-year career is planning to open a school for models.

The British model was at the forefront of the modeling industry since 1990 and successfully designing for the British high street brand, Topshop. However, this blond woman a desire to set a special training academy for potential stars of the catwalk.

She insisted that a model is not as easy as it seems, and the world of modeling is an art form that should be taught to the young talents.

"I thought I would have opened the modeling school, " says Kate told British magazine Company, which Aceshowbiz listed on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

"Kate's Modeling School? Or Moss' models? I will name Moss move for the school model. You should see it as a skill. I mean, you could be the most intelligent of the world, but it will not make you a good teacher. Frankly, that make it very embarrassing. It's not just, 'Keep your left foot on your hands. "I think you should have an eye for art," he continued.

As you know, Moss has become a model for more than 300 times, so the front of the magazine. He also has one of the supermodels these ends as a "superstar" in a long time. Many people like the taste of his style, so the longer they appear, the better its performance.


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