Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 SWAGs Dressed in Bikini Sexy Pose

12 SWAGs Dressed in Bikini Sexy Pose
At the end of the year, usually the next calendar year has begun to circulate. Several actions of the calendar models can be found. One of these, 12 women sexy calendars together in swags (Soul Animal women and girlfriends).

For calendar 2011, the military personnel who fought in Afghanistan receive a surprise action Calendar 12 sexy women belonging to flounces. The 12-woman show in her bikini, that they can enjoy throughout the year bershio rabbit.

This idea comes from Michelle Perry (35) wife of Cpl Rob Parry (33) to support the hard struggle of the soldiers. In fact, the entire gain on the sale of calendars Forces Foxes, as they call it, will be donated to two military charities the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund and Combat Stress.

Initially, the mother of two children was to create an account on Facebook tagged swags, then figure out how to help with the purchase of equipment for the soldiers.

"This idea started when Rob started fighting in Afghanistan last year. I was very lonely and have taken care of the baby. Sometimes I do not hear from him almost two weeks, and I think the whole day. But ultimately I know that it is better to focus energy on agenda meratapinya this from recurring, "said Michelle is quoted from The Sun, Friday (12/10/2010).

As a former model Michelle confidence in her figure. Assisted by 11 other women, they are supported by renowned photographer Mick Payton to pose in the calendar.

"She tried to make us believe in the beauty of our body. I am proud with 11 other women and the photos amazing looking. We will do everything to our partner support. They are our heroes, and they are commendable. Hopefully the money raised in 2011 to make their lives better, "he concluded.


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