Saturday, April 3, 2010

Liv Tyler Inspired New Raw G-Star Collection

His face was not only to attract attention in a campaign ad G-Star Raw, Liv Tayler also help to think of the latest collection of the brand.

G-Star was able to combine elements of elegance with a beautiful female character Tayler rocker style, where the collection is designed for low-T with advanced technology so that she looks amazing. Similarly quoted by people, Friday (2/4/2010).

Latest denim collection that includes three has undergone a special washing process, and highlight the image with a bright blue color. For example the head of a shiny leather material with a selection of black superlembut boss, and clothing as well as some model options jacket.

All items in the collection of low-T can be obtained until next July. However, it can be purchased by visiting our site busy now.

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