Monday, April 19, 2010

Jennifer Aniston Will Release Beauty Products

It seems that Jennifer Aniston was in love with doing business in the business world. Obviously, the former wife of Brad Pitt, is considering launching a range of beauty products.

Stars "The Bounty Hunter," which has just launched its first perfume Lolavie with Falic Fashion Group, says that working together with other companies to launch another product.

"Anything can happen. I hope we can do many things together," he was quoted by Femalefirst, Monday (19/4/2010).

"But for now I'll take Lolavie and we'll see how this pole will slide," he continued.

beautiful 41-year-old woman also said she is not afraid to start out at the latest celebrity perfume. Because it is something that makes a series TV star "Friends" was interested in doing so.

She told WWD, "The way we came because of the participation as well, I never felt like, 'Oh, my God, I'm not allowed to do this." And if anything good, no matter whether the market is crowded, I thought it was an opportunity to gather behind the scenes. And if it feels good, why not "Go for it?" It's like being a producer and writer, to know and to generate ideas as an adversary, and became an actor in it. "

So why would a perfume called Lolavie Jen? "This is a very long history. And to be honest, this is too personal to reveal. But this has a special meaning," said the actress, who collided with Gerard Butler acting in his new film, "The Bounty Hunter."

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