Friday, April 2, 2010

Greet the spring, Katie Price Release Casual Dress

Katie Price, the woman who often wore clothes almost as Lady Gaga, only the most recent fashion show for the spring collection.

Katie Price launched in the business world is increasingly visible. While in the past women who like to display these successful men flirting with her own perfume "stunned" Katie and dare to show their talent in fashion design. "KP Equestrian Spring / Summer 2010" will make fashion connoisseurs around the world fell in love. Thus was launched Femalefirst, Thursday (1/4/2010).

This is the fourth time the clothing collection launched this sexy model. Through the touch of glamor in fashion design, Katie is now also wear clothing for riders. Wow!

See "Crest T-Shirt" says a large firm, when combined with jeans look great. In addition, big sweatshirts and T-shirt with a model of hoodies, striped velvet is perfect when you want to use for your holiday home.

For color options, mix and a splash of bright color combination of raspberry pink, bubblegum pink, aqua blue beat, sports blue and yellow, adding to the design of more casual clothing sweet Katie.

For versions of clothing for children, Katie made the Junior Princess and became the model for his collection this time. Katie's second son was used as a model for promoting teranyarnya fashion collection.

How, interested in buying?

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