Sunday, April 4, 2010

Criticism Fashion Lady Gaga Rockerz

Hollywood star made a lot of fashion surprised Lady Gaga, call Janet Jackson and Jennifer Aniston. In fact, I hate celebrities Gaga modest dress.

The singer of "Telephone" which he said often dress eccentric celebrity to make an effort now appears in red carpet events. The artist said, should appear riveting.

"I think it should look beautiful at any time. When I met the famous and casual attire, always like," Whaaat? ". I do not mean to judge, but to do much better than his true self, at any time," as nukil okezone of Femalefirst, Saturday (3/4/2010).

star 24 years old, I was thinking, is this stunning dress deserved fans. He recounted when he left the car and has 30 fans waiting.

"I know that I dress like it should. There is a reason that is reacting emotionally," he said.

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