Friday, April 2, 2010

Rachel Bilson to be your own Fashion Stylist

Actress Rachel Bilson is numbered. When Hollywood celebrities usually have a fashion stylist, is not the case with these beautiful women.

Always appear in style with simple makeup on her face, she did not use the services of a fashion stylist. Rachel shared their stories for the show "Ann Taylor fashion show" to say that this is the result of his performance during the actual kreatifitasnnya.

"I really view. I have met with a collar attached to the hair. That is the reason why dressing up is necessary. Because of this fun event and experiment. I also enjoy what I do or not," said Rachel Zimbio said, Thursday (1/4/2010).

Rachel is also a fashion designer, is also a big fan of Chanel. Obviously, when the star of 28 years was having lunch at La Scala for a while, she brought along her favorite Chloe bag shopping trip.

Rachel can also be practically very lucky. The reason, has a collection of chic clothes to wear when working. Chanel fan also has a collection of shoes and handbags are vintage enough.

She recently told People: "I have a problem, I have had these issues since I was 13 years. So yeah, maybe I should let go of some things."

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