Monday, April 5, 2010

List of Hollywood Celebrities Scarves Lovers

One accessory that is not new in the fashion industry. increased sales of section enter the year 2007, this forms an element. How not to boutiques in shopping malls are often sold this neck accessory cover. In fact, now known as the shawl or scarf dearest.

As a fan, a scarf can really improve performance. Unique and stylish are two impressions that appear when someone wears a scarf. Scarf it has a variety of types. Whether seen from the size, shape and materials used. Some scarves and even specially designed for the fashion industry as a complement.

However, in general, the scarf is usually rectangular. Size, of which 50 cm to 100 cm in the longest until more could be chosen according to taste. Starting the middle of a knitted scarf pink leaf width, weaving, embroidery, crochet, and printed options that can be tested. The choice of materials of wool, cashmere, chenille, mohair, velvet and is the right choice for fashionistas to be elegant.

Scarf style and now is becoming more diverse. Models and materials suitable not only for equal work clothes, but funky and unique style can also be integrated with a scarf. Call with any Hollywood star who become lovers of fashion in this issue one. Often they are caught with a tissue when the center of the camera in the daily dress is Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, okezone to dinukil Trend Shop Boutique on Sunday (4/4/2010).

Nicole Richie, who did not know Nicole Richie? This high society known for his stance very thin. However, since a predicate of a mother, her body seemed to contain more and sexy. Not only body that looks more complete, the emergence of "reality show" stars "The Simple Life" also bertansformasi become a mummy style delicious not only fashionable, but more fashionable. Nicole is often seen with a tissue when you travel alone, or when their young daughter to drive ballet classes.

Not unlike with Nicole, Jessica Alba, sexy young mother who has had this daughter of a (Honor Marie, 1 year 9 months), often called the middle of the chamber wearing a scarf around his neck when dressed casual. When spending time with her husband Cash Warren and Honor Marie Alba is a name often nominated for sexiest women in the magazine world's Maxim, FHM, GQ, People, Star, Playboy, and Victoria's Secret is, do not forget to bring a handkerchief. From the color of khaki, blue, yellow, green, Tosca, for different reasons, one of the main accessories of Alba in casual attire.

Not to be outdone by the young mother, Hilary Duff, known for its virgin paper on "A Cinderella Story" (2004), this is also known as the buyer of the Internet, she is also known as lovers scarf.

As previously reported okezone, Hilary intends to add a collection of clothing with a pair of shorts and a pretty shawl, in order to welcome the spring.

"Shorts are over my shopping list. And a great scarf is the total of my weakness," Material Girls star was broken.

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