Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DD, Australian Women's Bra Size

NOW, the girl in Australia carry the "burden" on their shoulders heavier, compared with women of previous generations. Why? It is triggered because the size of their breasts bigger from time to time.

Australia is a nation that has a woman with breast size above average. So, her breasts swollen like a balloon. DD bra size are in demand in these countries kangaroo. Whereas previously the size of the bra cup B is requested. But there was an increase in bra size changes in the last 50 years. Just as LANs okezone Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday (14/4/2010).

Specialists in the field of women's health blamed a variety of environmental and hormonal factors are the cause. While experts say the underwear that some women find they're using the wrong size bra for years.

"There is a sharp increase in lean women, especially teenagers, with very large breasts to F cup or G. Many teens using the cup size of 10F. They are skinny, but has large breasts," said Esther Labi , fitter Bra.

Carol Ferlito, an adjustable underwear that are stored in a Myer, said about half of all customers who saw a woman with breasts larger than DD cup. According to its official data, plus bra sizes to account for one third of total sales.

In addition, periodically Ferlito find the right size for the young at the age of 11 and 12 years with a size D and DD. In fact, for her first bra. Wow!

"The younger generation is growing faster. Sometimes mothers do not realize how much her daughter," Ferlito said.

Lines bigger breasts is the type and characteristics in a society that has become more westernized, even in Asia, "said professor of women's health at Monash University Susan Davis.

The combination of early puberty, childbirth at a relatively young age, which increased total body fat. Where is this hormone that is suitable for mixing across the chest, and cause large breasts.

"If you are experiencing puberty at age 12, you have more time to get bigger breasts. Network of fat in the breast, which produces estrogen, which leads to an increase in breast tissue," said Davis.

Professor Davis believes that the estrogen in food and food chain exposed to chemical exposure is one of the causes of a woman's breasts are now bigger. In addition, a synthetic hormone found in the pills and hormone replacement therapy, is also the cause of enlargement of breast size.

"And that does not include the thousands of women each year in Australia choose to perform breast surgery," he said.

Ferlito said, breast augmentation is performed by women, apparently has its own difficulties in buying a bra.

"They have difficulties to match the chest clip. Because no naturally. Tetas not fall naturally into the bra" she said.

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