Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Dress style Maxi

Maxi dresses or long dresses until ankle is a trend. The average dress cross the shape of the body so that the user elegant appearance. Flower pattern, Paisley, abstract, line up the colors, so this dress suitable for formal and non formal aspect.

Unfortunately, we are often desperate to be different with the same dress. So let's wear the dress once in a similar manner.

Strategies to carry out the maxi dress is a creative mempadupadankan this dress. You look different every dress in style, using the same.

1. Add accessories
The band shape your curves, because the average maxi dresses tend to widen from the waist down. While Pashmina can be used as a sweetener to appear in a backless dress and maxi strip fashion. Another way is to use T-shirts or shirts without sleeves to change the look of the suit to avoid monotony.

2. Cardigan
Plain-colored jacket with a basic model (buckle series) is the equivalent of the right to full-print dress.

3. Jacket or coat
Maxi dress does not have to appear in its entirety. Sometimes you can form a layer in the printing of your dress. The trick? Using a cutoff jeans or jackets or tops, jeans made of semi. She likes feminine style? Just add a layer on the outside of the gown.

4. Plain Shirts
Who says maxi dresses do not fit in combination with a plain shirt? Use a flat shirt breast pocket detail. Do not look overall buttoning a shirt. Simply tie a loop that form the ends of the shirt. Well, now seems more casual.

5. Dark boss belt
Want to look into a formal event? Easy. Add a simple dark top with a sequined detail shortly. Fasten the wide belt with a contrasting color superior color. Maxidress which became a long skirt.

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