Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amy Atmanto Dug Strength Women Indonesia via Kebaya

KEBAYA is identical to the women of Indonesia. Because kebaya is one of the national dress is considered to constitute a strong character who owned Indonesian women. One of the young designers from Indonesia that could deepen the uniqueness of the kebaya is Amy Atmanto.

"Through the kebaya, which as one of the national costumes, women have the potential of developing countries in various sectors. As a fashion designer, I am proud to have a kebaya Indonesia," said Amy when they are Harvey Nichols, Indonesia Grand Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (27 / 4 / 2010).

Inspired by Kartini's footsteps, Harvey Nichols worked with the young teacher to show kebaya Indonesia Indonesian women in their kebaya. With the theme "I am a woman," Amy managed to bring a fresh new look.

The event that gets full support from the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs in Indonesia, ASEAN Women Alas, Solidarity of the United Indonesia Cabinet Wives (SIKIB), and a number of celebrities Indonesia has had the courage to show the existence of the true greatness of women and take the fight never end in the emancipation of women.

Agreed with Amy, Linda Agum Gumelar even agree if the kebaya is closely related to women in Indonesia. And urged to keep to preserve the legacy of the nation of Indonesia.

"Through this fashion show, is a test of Indonesia through Kartininya able to compete with foreign products and we can see through Harvey Nichols to promote our products. On the other hand, the kebaya is closely related to women There are some modifications but not to abandon the original pattern. This time I intentionally make different use Atmanto Amy designer clothes. For this, we will continue to preserve our traditions, such as clothing kebaya whose value is incredible, "he added.

Amy also revealed that performance this time of kebaya is not talking about the trends, but rather tries to show "Women in Indonesia Berkebaya" according to the individual user's real beam.

"The theme of this collection is to describe the character of a woman who wants to find and this is by design and model. Portraits of the aristocracy of Java also exist, such as Ingrid Kansil used. The Yanti Court, I think of as Srikandinya Aceh. And the old garment Court Yanti, my wedding dress inspired in Aceh, "he said.

Amy specially designed for women's clothes worn by numerous celebrities and officials wife Patria.

"As for the model, first described the figure of the ladies. In a sense, I see them like a queen, so his number one, who had the strength. Yang can do extraordinary things for the environment" said Amy, who spent two months to prepare all of his work.

The first lady or heroin, the goal of Amy Atmanto Real Sulam kebaya design for every woman who uses it. Placement of a woman to serve as first lady or heroin, so women feel comfortable and safe to use as the national dress kebaya.

Each work is seen growing thick with Amy fusion of high fashion pieces as well as materials such as velvet, batik, songket, materials like velvet and sequin accents sweeteners and Swarovski crystals. No wonder his work increasingly look beautiful and unique.

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