Friday, March 25, 2011

TIP: Stay Beautiful As Rain

Lately, the weather is hard to predict. In the morning, the sun was shining, and then late afternoon it is raining, or vice versa. And it's not a new thingas rain tends to damage the overall performance . Wet hair, smeared mascara, with a lack of preparation, the body gets soaked.

Do not let the rain deter you beauty, here are some tricks to prepare for the appearance during the rainy season. As quoted by Cosmopolitan.

Always offer her serum and hairspray

Is the key to wet hair still look graceful. After a rather dry hair, pull her tie are a horse, then a hair serum and hair spray spray, trim the hair rubbed by hand.

Wear waterproof mascara

No story is worse than arriving at the office looks like a ghost, because we wear mascara stains. Before you leave the house, wear waterproof mascara when dressing up.

Wear a jacket to cover their head

Of course this is so you can dress that looks pretty when attending an event wear.

Invest funds to coat with head cover also makes you ready for the rain to the coming year.

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