Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4 Ways Smart Select Perfume accordance Personality

Choosing a perfume is like choosing clothes that require a bond in it. A good perfume reflects the personality of the wearer.

So no one choose the fragrance to your personality, we follow the following tips from SheKnows!

Consider the scent that you enjoy

Make a list of your favorite fragrance as a first step. Sources fragrances can from your environment, like the smell of laundry can be derived, freshly cut grass, campfires, the smell of plants and other fragrances.

The point reminded me of the smell, you may fragrances, which are similar to those of want to choose your favorite scent.

Customize with your personality

If you have a less than happy with the make-up brushes Make-up, and tend to love nature, choose a fresh aroma and slightly spicy or musky.

If you want to dress up and liked the sensations glamorous, choose a scent of the living. In essence, when selecting a perfume scent itself is considered the most representative.

Test perfume before you buy

Do not assume that in the strip scent examiners often SPG were added to the stores department stores, the main leaders. Because the scent will change when you wear a couple of hours.

Before spending money to buy a fragrance, you may want to sampell more, and try to smell for a few days before you finally decide to buy to buy it.

Ask the opinion of friends

Ask your friends or family think about the smells it. Also ask if the scent that you like for them.

Your opinion might want your reference to choose the perfume you buy. However, ultimately the choice is still completely odor. Your opinion is just a mere tool before you decide.

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