Friday, March 11, 2011

Kate Winslet poses repeat Rose in "Titanic"

In the movie "Titanic", Kate Winslet could carry sensual poses on the couch when her lover paints. She repeated a similar form in the recent advertisement.

During this time, Kate is to avoid plastic surgery and airbrushing (to skin a smoother process in front of the camera). But for the sake of promoting the latest lipstick Lancome L'Absolu Now, the principle is unchanged. In TV ads, she looks flawless and sensual effect photoshop entire process is performed for aesthetic purposes.

35-year-old actress was seen wearing a plain without clothes and only covered with white sheets. Kate brings a great thanks to the famous photographer Mario Testino to photos taken in an apartment in the city of Paris.

With flawless skin and perfect appearance pretty lipstick on her lips, she looks to cover the breast with his palm. On the other pose, she looks lie during a call, and on one occasion she put on lipstick with the receiver still held his left hand. Similarly, as reported in Pop Eater, Friday (11/03/2011).

"I always think that the lipstick is a woman's best friend when talk about femininity. I also think that something interesting happens in the cosmetics industry today, where it is visible, the return of a good lipstick. Now L 'Absolu so soft, sexy, and very, very smooth, "he who has become an icon Lancome since 2007.

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