Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylist Michelle Obama Win Award

Stylist Michelle Obama Win Award
U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is known as a First Lady who is fluent in fashion. Wearing clothing that is always flawless and is suitable for large high so they look elegant and refined.

Stylist, Ikram Goldman has an important role for the occurrence of Michelle. The success of fashion advice and suggestions for Michelle Obama, Goldman was awarded the Legend Award from the Fashion School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The awards ceremony will be held on May 5 in conjunction with the annual school fashion show. Ikram Goldman is a retailer Chicago.Tokonya became famous when Michelle Obama shops there.

Since then, the name of Goldman continue to associate with Michelle as advisor to the fashion, though the two have not been officially confirmed. The award of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will add positive value in the portfolio that Goldman plans for a new store for men and women clothing line opened in May 2011.

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