Friday, March 18, 2011

Arzetti Bilbina More confident using Watches

For the model Arzetti Bilbina, watches not only an instrument for calculating time. But also as an accessory that makes the confident look.

"If women working in the fashion world, as well as housewives, I still need to use accessory. Why I watch jewelry to choose that makes me more confident," he said at the launch of Teiwe Arzetti Switzerland Mall Paris Van Java, Bandung, West Java, on Friday (18/03/2011).

On that occasion, Arzeti become brand ambassadors in the hands of these products. Arzetti admitted agree that diamond watches and jewelry as a complementary method that is always needed and cared for women.

"Is not that the prestige of a person visits on the basis of what he used. Jewelery prestige watch from my side, "said Arzetti.

When selecting the hour, the woman was bleeding Padang prefer classic models. According to this model, it has the softness and beauty of female figures represent.

Secondary activities as a brand ambassador, told legal mother of three children was admitted remained active in the global model, a presenter to teach at the school model that was in Bandung and Jakarta. Within one day, sometimes he had to go home Bandung-Jakarta to teach.

"But I teach subject to Bandung. Friday at 12:00, I was here to learn. At night will return to Jakarta," said mother of three children.

The development of the model school itself is beautiful. Currently, Arzeti said, schools have become a necessity as clothing.

"Interest in modeling skills in Bandung is also growing. Yes, we just pray for the more advanced school," he hoped.

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