Friday, March 4, 2011

Taylor Momsen 'coffee' with Gothic Boot

Taylor Momsen
Not Taylor Momsen name does not appear as eccentric. Even for just a coffee agenda that appear relaxed, Momsen was wearing a gothic boots that made all eyes were on him.

Actress, singer, and models from the United States, it was always surprising his fans with the view that extreme. If it looks recently caught on camera Daily Mail, Thursday (3 / 3) yesterday.

Actress former "Gossip Girl" is about to hit the streets of New York City was paralyzed because all eyes were on him. How not trust Momsen walk through dressing gothic boots that seemed extreme. Shoes should be worn for the performance of his rock 'n roll is actually wore when he walks in the morning looking for coffee.

Yes, the singer from the Big Apple this country is currently engaged in an action agenda. Momsen is currently doing a world tour with his band. No wonder if the display Momsen too extreme, because it tends to the needs of these manggungnya. See his soul to portray rock, Momsen was willing boots with a matching black leather jacket he wore. Unique, Momsen boat comes with a form that a large buckle that funky, but very sturdy and seems very heavy.

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