Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautify lashes with Lash Serum Renewel

Many people say the eyes are the windows of the heart. Therefore, the eye always been an important part of the interface. No wonder the weather using eye makeup to enhance their beauty.

Women are using eye make-up for hundreds of years themselves look more attractive. But the frequent use of eye makeup like mascara or false is only temporary, so no one can look pretty good. Not only that, while cleaning "make up" the eyes can cause eyelashes to fall out.

Answering this need, L'Oreal Lash Serum Renewel release that a serum lashes with the latest innovations formula derived from the results of three years of intensive research by experts in the laboratories of L'Oreal Paris.

"This product is through a three-year study conducted L'Oreal Paris," said Key Account Manager Consumer Products Division of L'Oreal Indonesia, at the launch Renewel Basarah Jinitya Lash Serum in Kuningan, Jakarta, Wednesday (03/16 / 2011).

A survey was conducted on a number of female respondents who have damage to the eyelashes to the effectiveness of L'Oreal Lash Renewal Serum which has become a best-selling product in different countries to investigate.

The survey results show, after one month use, which is regularly carried out to two times a day, respondents see no difference in their eyelashes, ie look longer (63 percent). Moreover, 97 percent of respondents also stated that the number of lashes that fall out during the cleaning makeup goes down.

Research conducted by experts note that despite the fact that the same component structure, the life cycle of the hair and eyelashes were different. In the lashes a little shorter growing cycle than the "break" him.

"Eyelashes are different than others, its very thin layers. Compared with the head, the anatomy and growth of eyelashes is different. Consisting of the anagen cycle of one to three months, two to three weeks catagen, telogen (resting phase) for two up to four months, then lashes fall out and return to the anagen cycle, "explains Dr. Andayani Gitalisa SPM, ophthalmologist of the RSCM in equal opportunities.

Adoption of the technology used for Haircare, Renewel Lash Serum arginine Madecassoside and that makes it as a breakthrough in cosmetic products. The innovative formula for the absorption of nutrients needed for growth of the eyelashes to help, so protected and maintained and look longer, thicker and stronger.

Marketing Manager L'Oreal Paris, Monika Anti Sugiharso Bernardi said: "Renewel Lash Serum is a breakthrough that could" wake up "our lashes his sleep."

Arginine in Renewel Lash Serum is one of the largest amino acid in the keratin that no other major component of hair and eyelashes.

"The primary function of arginine to absorb nutrients, powerful and not easy," said Jinitya.

Eyelashes thick and long the dream of all women because it can enhance your appearance. Besides aesthetic functions, eyelashes has a function that is vital.

"Fur is an eye eyeball, and foreign objects such as dust and other small particles. eye lashes protect the ball better," explains Dr. Gitalisa.

Collapse easily eyelashes make up the cleaning time due to the root of the lashes that are embedded in the epidermal layer of skin is shorter than the hair root. Its roots are embedded in the epidermal layer of skin is as deep as 4 mm, while the lash roots as deep as 2 mm.

Serum does not belong to the types of drugs. Through allergy testing (ophthalmological and dermatological), this serum does not cause hypo allergic reaction, so used.

"No cause allergies, even the most sensitive eyes, wear contact lenses or glasses," said Jinitya.

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