Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sophie Monk Released Exclusive Trendy Underwear

Feeling underwear on the market less trendy, Sophie Monk wants only to underwear design. Australian singer and actress also design your own underwear to happen with a very trendy.

Sophie middle like a joke when he said he did not wear lingerie. Sophie was just expressing his hope to work with all designers create their own underwear collection is affordable, yet trendy.

"Underwear is weird. why I do not wear, just kidding. I wear it, " he joked on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, as quoted by Female First, Wednesday (23/03/2011).

Continuation of the discussion about the line of underwear that will be delivered, Sophie said: "I can not say with whom our current team will work together. However, we have already spoken to many people. Apparently everything went well. Only, I can not wait too long because I want into a stylish and cool underwear. "

Beautiful 31-year-old woman was admitted so confident with her body. However, it turned out that he intends to change the appearance. Terbesit desire when he met with plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz.

"It's always on my mind. Yes, of course there is always a bit long for this and that. This is a difficult task. So let him (Dr. John Diaz-ED), who thought," he said responding to the question .


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