Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Touch of European style of Jason Wu Fashion

Degree as the best womenswear designer from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Jason Wu does not have a big head, but encouraged her to continue giving their best.

As he did with bringing European collection breathes the spring and summer of 2011 at New York Fashion Week. Nan forty classic combination of style and a touch of typical seventy Wu hippies attracted the attention of international fashion editors. New York Times described the meeting as Wu as one of the best for the New York gateway. While the Balanced Scorecard, the site inspection of the parade in New York put Jason Wu at the top, with collections that are considered more elegant and mature.

Unlike other American designers who prefer to bring modernity and convenience, Wu gives a bit of complexity in an elegant minimalist style but sensual. No longer a multicolored mini dress or printfloral exclaimed, Wu actually show a softer side of design is thick with a typical European style adapted and combined with the sensual Latino.

"Jason Wu really know what direction to take. Michelle Obama may be giving way to the Wu. But Wu know what to do with the opportunities given to him," writes the fashion site that was launched Praise also expelled from the Daily Telegraph, which suggested that the perception of a combination of Europe and Latin America presented by Jason Wu showed his quality as a designer.

In the field of American fashion, Wu touted as the next generation, along with other Asian design bloody, Richard Chai and Prabal Gurung. Wu became one of Stardi growing world of fashion after Michelle Obama wore a dress design shoulders on the eve of his inauguration, President Barack Obama. Since then the name of Wu became one of the most discussed in the media, especially in the virtual world.

Michelle Wu was a favorite of design and is often seen with a dress made by Wu, such as magenta dress she wore on the cover of Vogue magazine photo shoot or a chartreuse silk dress that Michelle is used when coming to London to accompany President Obama. Michelle Wu design also uses a layer when he met Queen Elizabeth.

Michelle Wu opportunity given to not assumed by young designers. Wu test the consistency of a thick design with a structural style, but still breathing female. The collection has not been disappointing fashion editors. As once again doing the catwalk in New York for the meeting of the spring and summer of 2011.

Maturity in the design of a contrast with the old Wu, who had 28 years that made Diane von Furstenberg and select Wu in the ranks of the top designers. "He showed signs of maturity at such a young age and is an asset," von Furstenberg said in an interview.

Asia, the increase in United States

Wu still do not believe in the path of fame that now sits in front of him. In the liver, Wu admitted that he is still the man in Taiwan to try his fortune in America.

"I will always be forever grateful to Mrs. Obama for the opportunity you gave me," he said.

However, Wu also feel proud of the accomplishments of himself and his colleagues, the success of Asian designers in the land of Uncle Sam. "I'm excited at the same time proud that just last time, Donna Karan and Michael Kors, a young American designer, and now preached to us, the designers bloody Asia," said Wu.

This phenomenon, of course, join the movement to change the way not only in America but also worldwide. Impact Asia increasingly young people around the world who are inspired and excited to get stars like Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung. The changes are seen in fashion schools have a student who is now a lot of Asian origin.

"Asia is a huge potential, not only in terms of markets and talent," said Diane von Furstenberg, president of the CFDA, and mentioned the statistics of fashion school Parsons the New School of Design shows about 70 percent of international students from Asia. While at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 23 percent of students numbering 1,200 people from Asia or Asian Americans. That's the education side, von Furstenberg also noted an increase in the domain of CFDA members.

One thing is certain, more Asian designers to fly in the center of international fashion, fashion in Asia, also rose. Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung said, Taiwan and Nepal are paying more attention to the fashion industry after his name was shot. "That's a good thing because fashion can be a big industry that can sustain the country's economy," said Wu.


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