Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paris Fashion Democracy

In the realm of fashion, Paris is the heart that beats and pumping pulse of creativity, the center of a trend which starts something new, and Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2010 proves this.

In one day show the great names on the agenda of the line of editors who had to walk from one location to another location, such as Nicolas Ghesquire with the latest collections in Crillon Balenciaga, Balmain presents its range of party dresses at The Grand.

While the U.S. designer Zac Posen with his debut collection at a location where Yves Saint Laurent history.

Ghesquire breathed new in Balenciaga with a touch of Parisian streetwear brand in the famous collection with the elegant side. Ghesquire explore new areas for Balenciaga, give him a brand new look and character, without abandoning the fundamental principles that are firmly in the hands of the couture fashion house.

Innovation Ghesquire for Balenciaga is a game of materials combined with cutting down-to-earth, like a matching tunic and pants with a blouse or a pipe layer, combined with python skin pattern vest and brooch-size jumbo.

"What I want to do is show the male side of a woman," said Ghesquire.

One of the items expected to trend next spring is a boyish shoes, although some editors say that the collection looks like a modernized design by Rei Kawakubo.

On the catwalk Balmain, Christophe Decarnin stick to the roots of the brand by presenting a collection of party-style dress with a touch of punk and heavy typical seventies.

Leather, denim, and torn T-shirt with accents ala Sex Pistols dominate the catwalk. The American fashion the golden boy, Zac Posen, who made his debut runway collection in Paris at the All-American image of Parisian breath passes mixed with fur, raw space, high parts, and stiletto heel ekstraramping present.

"I really love Paris!" Posen said after the show.

Moreover, said Posen in New York, the collection does not really suit the tastes of American consumers are more practical. While in Paris, consumers respond positively to Posen collection to offer.

"I knew I had to move to Paris and I'm glad I could finally make it happen," said the man, whose collections are often subject to Rihanna.

Alber Elbaz for Lanvin also take the practical side of beauty, while Stefano Pilati back to the roots of Yves Saint Laurent to present the refinement of elegance. Marco Zanini is menakhodai Rochas show Parisian-inspired romance of a village in Sweden. Victor & Rolf show, Paris Fashion democratic side through spectacular breath nan avant-garde.

Dries Van Noten is the military-style masculinity through a wide pipe bepalet khaki pants, oversized jackets and white cotton shirt dress with berpalet suede jackets and platform shoes. Paris Fashion Democracy is also shown by Gareth Pugh, who prefer the performance of a short film than a catwalk show.

Pugh worked with director Ruth Hogben Pugh displaying the latest collection of silicon material and cotton, jersey-length movies in 11 minutes. Pugh presents summer collection in the dominance of the color gray with geometric patterns.

Despite the short film does not explain the overall design Pugh and fashion shows in general, but at least Pugh offer new innovations in fashion marketing strategy now increasingly demanding and progressive bilateral interaction between consumers and producers. Pugh films shown online via the Web showstudio.com.


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