Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nail Art, Modern Woman Lifestyle

If you think beauty is only aimed at the face, hair and body, you're wrong. Now the trend started change beauty treatments to other body parts, ranging from waxing hidden by feathers, fingernails and toenails with nail spa and nail art.

"Nail Spa and Nail art is the development of a manicure and pedicure that was done years ago, the female sex. This treatment is done in order to nail the hands and feet grow neat, clean and healthy. The nail art, nail that is treated with a manicure and pedicure his colors with beautiful designs with the technique of airbrushing, nail art or nail extensions, "said Nathalie Karakhati in his book entitled 50 Creative Nails beautiful beauty for you.

Nathalia added coloring and nail care trend has long existed in Indonesia. In Bali, Kuta Beach in particular, many local residents who offer services to paint your nails with beautiful colors and patterns decorate for tourists. Meanwhile, in nail art salons just started a scene around the year 2006. In Jakarta alone, there are a number of special nail salon nail art, which are mainly located in the shopping area of Central Jakarta and South Jakarta.

Nail art lovers in major Indonesian cities continues to grow. Even as many subscribers, a popular nail salon in Jakarta, which has 1,000 members and equipment, advises customers to make a reservation for coming.

Nathan also said: Pengemar avid nail art nail extension while the majority of people prefer a career woman. Of course, these nail enhancement techniques in the lifestyle of the modern woman attached to the urban population, especially the upper middle class.

"Generally, fans are teenagers and Japanese tourists for its attractive colors and unique patterns make them appear more confident. Meanwhile nail extension service is more popular with career women, often to many clients," he explained.

The cost of the installation of nail extensions with about 500 000 French manicure nail art, and from $ 250,000 to 10 fingers.

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