Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Create an appearance of perfect lenses

Eye health, in fact, greatly affects all aspects of life. That's why this time the lens is thought to help eyesight and improve the appearance of those with vision problems.

From practical reasons, contact lenses was chosen as an alternative view of the most popular. But unfortunately, until now still many people using contact lenses is not appropriate, sometimes not noticed by the user. For this reason, it takes an expert to handle it as pronounced as the President of Tri Rahayu SPM refraction and contact lenses Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RSCM.
"Until now there are many misperceptions about contact lenses. For this reason, we need a health expert who always follow the development of contact lenses," he said when met at the "Press Conference Ciba Vision's visual health Academy for Excellence "from Indonesia in Penang Bistro, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, on Tuesday (10/19/2010.)

Widya Dr. Artinian SPM Head of the Department of eyes, Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital demonstrate the important role of the CAP or the optical always deal directly with the contact lens wearers.

"In Indonesia, the PAC as opticians have an important role to help ophthalmologists provide services to patients in improving the health of your eyes. Through proper education, I am optimistic that the potential opticians found in all parts of Indonesia further optimized their ability to assist patients to wear contact lenses, "he said.

Tri was added, the training program is aimed at the optics to improve the quality of service delivery.

"The implementation of the training can help health care professionals provided their professional services to improve, because if you use a contact lens can cause irritation and infection in the eye," he continued.

This training was also evaluated by people working in the field of eye health requires a container that can provide clinical information on the lens and box lens care, so they can provide accurate information about users contact lenses.

Explaining more, according to Tri, not everyone can wear contact lenses. Why? This also sees these eye diseases.

"Not everyone can wear contact lenses as seen from the eyes. Especially severe dry eye should be more often controlled so that no serious problems. It is recommended that contact lens wearers eyes should be checked every six months "he said. Phonetically ListenRead

Given the important role of people working in the world of eye health, Ciba Vision launched an innovative educational initiatives and a world wide call Ciba Vision Academy for Eyecare Excellence Academy or CV which was officially opened October 25 at the Department RSCM eyes, which provide education and training or optical ECP 500 each year.

"Ciba Vision are highly committed to the partnership with the PAC to ensure that patients who wear contact lenses to receive the best care and services. It also focuses our efforts in providing education and training programs are different, and according current needs for the people of Indonesia, including special skills to carry out some specific contact lens fittings, as well as business planning, "said Danny Widodo as Chief Country Ciba Vision Indonesia.


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