Saturday, October 23, 2010

Show Colourful Without a Fashion Victim

Playing through the colors of the clothes is not bad. Unfortunately, many women are less complete mixing colors in a single view. So the idea of appearing colors can actually make time so that the role of victim.

When we think of brightly colored clothes, memories may become in the era of fashion in the early 1980 in the classic style with brightly colored neon color trend at that time. Well, if you are inspired to take ideas from the 1980's, there is a way for you to introduce these colors in the closet. Of course, without seeming creepy.

Perhaps one of the most important lessons in learning colors combined with the contents of your wardrobe is to realize that the colors are used only to enhance their team. Avoid using bright colors, from top to bottom in all the clothes. This is the wrong way in the use of color in fashion. If your wardrobe is dominated with dark, solid colors, then it becomes a challenge for you to add bright color to the wardrobe. The use of bright colors of each element is a smart solution for creating a balance or make a style of dress that seemed to be softer colors. Similarly, legal reports CAREF.

Others, if you include a fan base dark colors like navy, black, gray, or it can brighten your wardrobe with a touch of yellow, pink, red, green or orange. When combined, these colors, then it is not necessary to add other elements of fashion. However, another story, if you love accessories. The use of accessories can be a way to add more color.

For example, if you wear a black dress, orange bag with an elegant model can lighten the color of your computer. Or you can choose a colorful scarf to be a sweetener. Alternatively, you can wear earrings yellow, orange, red, fresh color bracelet and a necklace.

If you are a fan of the clothes in shades of various models of brown, beige, white and ivory, then of sandals and shoes of red or yellow color of the belt can make a more pleasing look.


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