Saturday, October 2, 2010

Identify and Choose the Right Lipstick

The function of the lipstick is to make the color and shape more beautiful lips and an overall face look more fresh look. There are different kinds of lipstick with different functions that you need to know.

The following types of lipstick that must exist in your makeup bag taken from "Martha Tilaar Beauty News"


Lipstick in liquid form usually comes with a brush for easy put on the lips. Usually liquid lipstick also serves as fluorescent or moisturizer


In a lipstick container, usually there are several color palettes. Usually solid or cream form. Use a lipstick with a brush palette.

Pen Lip Polish

Lipstick this type are usually shaped like a pen equipped with an existing brush tip. Glossy lipstick to give effect to the lips in a way similar to the use of regular lipstick.


Formed solid gel and packed in tubes, use the same lipstick as this type of pasta or a pen lip polish.


Its liquid form and glossy. Can contain silver glitter to give the impression of shimmering or clear for natural impressed. Shiny lip gloss to give lips more prominent, so it is not advisable to form a thick lip.


This type is usually not shiny and a little wet. For durable, apply as usual, then remove with a tissue. Then, do it again.

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