Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Gaga comfortable with the body sweating


Lady Gaga like to dress and look a controversial appearance before the cameras and fans. But who would have thought, singer of "Poker Face" is just a normal girl, while sitting among the crew. When no longer appear Gaga, sources say that wearing sweat pants!

"He'll be comfortable in sweat and basketball clothes (wet armpits), then casually joked when he speaks of" our den mother. "Other nicknames we have for him is 'Lady DullDull' because it looks like one of us, "said a source in the musical tour of the National Enquirer magazine quoted Zimbio, Monday (10/18/2010).

"As a Jewish mother, Stefani Angelina Joanne Germanotta Lady Gaga-original name-always mediate and offer advice on dating, family problems or anything. Not merely listen to the problem of all, he's really good to give advice on how to improve, "he continued.

In the past, the controversial star has shown that it is important to maintain a public at all times.

"If ever, God forbid, injured on stage, and my fans screaming outside the house is very ill, waiting for me to leave, I will go as gaga. I do not even drink water on stage in front of anyone because I want to focus on musical fantasy, "he said.

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