Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Facial Mist Spray Refresh & Soften Face

Have a beautiful and fresh face
In order for makeup stays longer, it would be nice to do a stage for wearing make-up, ie spraying mist facial spray. Facial mist spray (spray facial freshener) to moisture, while on the face.

Facial spray has a lot of content, like sunscreen, antioxidants, the content of marine algae, aloe vera, moisturizers, water and nutrients and minerals that can protect the skin. "Facial mist spray is a spray that serves as a moisturizer, a winner, and skin freshener. Facial mist spray can be used after or before we had to deal with makeup makeup that feels stiff or face feels dry on.

But, says Dr Petra, facial spray mist should be used for applying foundation on the face. It is envisaged that the water face spray still stuck in the upper layer of the skin experienced dry due to frequent exposure to sunlight. Therefore, face-to-face mist spray to keep moist help, "he explained.

If your use after the use of makeup, facial mist spray can be sprayed after applying the finishing powder. This makes the makeup looks more integrated and connected to the skin of the face and the face would be wet.

Facial mist spray can also help restore moisture and freshness to a tired and dull skin for too long or exposed to sunlight in air-conditioned room. Facial mist spray is usually packaged in a bottle that is easy to carry. "So, we still can wear skin and always keep fresh," he explained. But not too often spray facial mist spray because the face mist spray of water will evaporate so the skin is getting dry.

According to him, after a facial mist spray, pat the water to seep into the face. "And if you want to take advantage of aromatherapy, facial wipes immediately after being sprayed with a tissue. So this is again not dry face," he said.

Every woman has a variety of other facial skin type. Therefore, Dr Petra suggested the facial mist spray suitable for every skin type selection. "Now in the market, many products face mist spray with a wide range of useful content for all skin types. Therefore we are wise to spray a mist facial expressions suitable for our skin to choose," he explained.

If you want makeup looks more durable, can use a facial image mist spray on sponge powder is used. This is useful for the powder to last longer in the face. And the vision is much more subtle. However facial spray not be used as often as possible in one day. Because the skin more dry. "Just before I wear makeup or after we make up in the morning. A maximum of 2-3 times per day. That was enough," he said.

Facial spray consists of a wide range of products and ingredients. Some of them offer the contents with the contents of a complete facial spray mist and can help overcome the problems of the skin. "Actually, not all active ingredients exist in the face mist spray can be absorbed through the skin," he said. He therefore suggested to be smarter in choosing a facial image and mist spray products according to skin type.


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