Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marriage-Hunting Bra: Tell That You it's Time to Get Married

Marriage-Hunting Bra
At the time of emancipation was made partly because women are always put off marriage to pursue careers and other, sometimes even forget that they are old.

Marriage-Hunting Bra is the concept of the latest bra from Triumph International, Japan that lifted the above problems.

At the front of the bra have LED screen (LED Display) that counts down the wedding day, or exactly when should you get married (because the older the more difficult to get a mate !!!).

With the warning in a bra, it is expected that women who are afraid to get married or are reluctant to get married will be more aware of the increasingly older age.

In this bra also has provided a wedding ring (wedding ring), a pen and an official stamp to perform marriages (valid only in Japan) to prepare if one day be married.

Marriage-Hunting Bra may not be sold but this bra is actually more revealing of a concern for women in Japan who are increasingly reluctant to be bound in a marriage.


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