Saturday, March 13, 2010

Red, The Most Popular Lipstick Color

RED is the color of teasing. But, be careful to apply it.
Among the variety of colors available in the market, the choice of red lips most demanding women. Because lipstick red always attract attention.

It is only for the application of red lipstick on her lips should be considered right and requires a special time. Pemulasan because if done incorrectly, the end result would be excessive, memorable cheap and unnatural.

According to the expert in hair and makeup have Chenny, red lips perfectly applied to create a more radiant sunshine, white teeth smile mempercerah, and the user to change the impression to others.

Although women can juggle appearances, Chenny not recommend to all women in the age group with red lipstick. He said that in their teens should avoid using lipstick or lip gloss red, because it seems excessive and create a memorable look. The same is true of women in the age of 40 years and older, should begin to leave the carmine red pepper.

"Replace the pink tones," he advised.

As for how the application of lipstick, Chenny in his book "Lip Make-up Match Aura and Feng Shui" suggested using a small brush that leads him to apply lipstick and control in more detail and precision.

Apply the first coat. Start from the center of the upper lip. Use a little earlier. The soft and slow, lips pulaskan corner. Continue applications on the lower lip with a direction from corner to corner. When the two lips is complete full color, Cotton Bud use to correct the wrong line or color coming off the lip line. Then, apply a second coat. This step is important, especially when the lips are red or bright red lip color to last longer, "explains owner Chenny Fashion & Bridal Han is.

Chenny warned, not all colors of red lipstick for every person deserves. Some colors are different in skin color. That's why the choice of lipstick color is determined by the color of the skin.

"The lipstick colors yellow, white and red chile matched or any shade of red. Meanwhile, brown skin or brown could wear orange or coral red lipstick. And darker skin wearing a dark red and brown, "he said.

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