Friday, March 12, 2010

Stroked a Sexy Waist

Weight loss program a lot to do with how the operation, strict diet, or using drugs to lose weight. All this side effect. Is there any insurance?

Having an ideal body desires of every woman. One is the epitome of a beautiful lifestyle that is identical with the body slim and healthy skin. With the help of the technological sophistication of today, a proportional body in a short time, it is impossible now.

The problem is that most weight loss slimming centers are based on treatment alone, without support in the sport.

It is also the only sport to promote, without thinning treatments and nutrition. There is also offering the operation to suction the stubborn fat. In fact, this has its risks and side effects.

In fact, weight loss program for body security is the combination of weight loss program three concepts, namely the proper diet of nutrients through the various settings of healthy food choices.

He also helped with regular exercise to improve the body's metabolic system, including the rise and fall of the body safely. It was only a couple following the thinning treatment program.

A beauty clinic, located on Jl KH Wahid Hasyim, features a slimming program, combined with a thinning treatment, exercise and healthy eating.

As for the weight-loss programs are offered, one of which thermal C, which is also a tool used in this program. The machines have this SlimXpress intended only to help achieve the ideal body, with four combinations of technology.

First, bipolar radiofrequency, which serves as the body shape to be more firm and lean.

There is also a vacuum pull and destroys fats are long buried in the infrared targets tubuh.Sementara to burn fat and increase metabolism. The last cold therapy focuses on the elimination of toxins and lymphatic drainage channels running.

"With this machine, fat-fat that was destroyed will be more effective," said Lili SlimExpress Awali Clinic supervisor.

The machine can make the process faster fat burning so you can help reduce weight and produces a thin body shape. Both men and women, says Lili, may undergo weight-loss program.

Lili said, C heat really aimed at people who have weight obesity. "Over 70 kg to the top," Lili said.

However, for those who want to lose weight only a few pounds can also, of course within a shorter time. Thermal Processes C, starting with weighing weight.

In the consultation session, the client will be informed of how much weight should be reduced to achieve a healthy weight. Only then began the treatment process. With a face down position, treatment begins with the application of a cream of C in the first calf.

Previously, all body parts clean with a warm towel. Then go to the mobilization or heating process carried out for five minutes.

The aim is to relax the muscles so they do not "shock" when he made the treatment process. Continue to lift, this procedure is done to make the shape of the body more. This procedure is performed for 10 minutes, but for the client with a very fat body, it's time to add 5 minutes.

The position of the body in the stomach, guidance tools used in the calves, hamstrings, back and buttocks. When finished the back, rotate the front of the body covered by this tool. The treatment and then continue with the envelope starting from the abdomen down.

To maximize fat burning previously burned by the use of engine, body and covered with a thermal blanket or warm blanket, wrapped the body in the state. Heating system, tailored to customer convenience. When finished, the body and then dried with a hot towel.

"In addition, customers are encouraged to enter the gym, exercising for an hour," said Lili.

Finish cleaning exercise before bathing. According to Lily, for all the newcomers, can berkurangan weight of one to two pounds. For those who are good metabolism, weight and even down to six pounds. The duration of treatment for each person is different, depending on the weight to be reduced.

Lili suggested, at least this treatment for two months in advance. Women who had given birth in caesartidak allowed through this program. However, you must wait two years after birth.
Rata Penuh
In addition, users woman spiral KB or recommended the use of this machine, including those with a history of diabetes and heart, consult your doctor.

In choosing weight loss program, Lili was also suggested that more careful thinning programs are offered. Do not just look in the fastest time volunteered to lose weight. Could it be, will tubuhideal moment in time, but have side effects.

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