Friday, March 19, 2010

Sexy Lips Without Lipstick

Lipstick has become the object of the equipment required make-up of a woman. Lipstick always be counted on to create a section that greater user confidence. What about lip gloss?

On the basis of a set of statistical data in the UK, lip gloss in the up position to replace the role of lipstick. The beauty of color and too much can create gorgeous sexy lips.

Here are some good reasons to save my lip gloss in her purse and makeup of the team.

- Moisten dry lips. It has a moisturizing lip gloss on extra lipstick makes her lips more smooth and interesting.

- The lip color is more natural glow that makes the appearance look cool. Definitely want a natural look.

- No cause stains on teeth. Lipstick sensuality dresses sometimes remove the red stain against the tooth surface, which is not happening in my lip gloss.

- The smell and taste a variety of lip gloss, from the taste of fruit, tiramisu to red velvet charm.

- Lip gloss does not leave a stain on his shirt and kissing his cheek recipients.

- In the process, producers continue to update the look of lip gloss to be increasingly interesting as well as lipstick. In addition to the pale colors like pink, neon pink or purple, the color of lip gloss variants are now also has a dark color.

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