Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weird Shoes Paris and Milan Fashion Week

Who would not want to see the direct collection of clothing and accessories designers in the world in Paris and Milan Fashion Week? Fashion designers this week in the sand to show the work of luxury. However, sometimes they can also work in lebay Alexander McQueen, for example, offering shoes with heels 25 cm. Acrylic shoes and boots similar to Ugg dominant.

Here are some of the strangest collection of shoes that had paced tracks from Paris and Milan Fashion Week.

* Booties are more hype, but if you are presented with platform boots by Alexander McQueen collection like this photo (1), what is your comment? I think it's the first time I became envious enggak no longer see the models legs, eh?

* Alexander McQueen also offers platform shoes with stiletto heels twist decoration (photo 2, left). While the trend remains gladiator shoes Gucci collections in the form of leather boots with the open model of the foot (figure 2, right).

* Lists of Prada shoes acrylic mini chandelier adorned right, rattling noises when walking (figure 3, left). In the right image, Valentino showed heels decorated with feathers and hair net (figure 3, right). Looks pretty, eh? But you can only use in the building, not rained on or step on something that makes you shiver.

* The wire hangers can also be found as appropriate footwear. These shoes also look good, it's just that would make your feet hurt when you use them. Wear appropriate footwear usually does not reduce its beauty (photo 4).

Other shoes are a concern in some fashion week session includes acrylic material platform Fendi, wrapped with cloth binding on the ankle. Then they also clog with a closed model is shown in the exhibition of Chanel in Paris. According to observers of fashion, there is nothing wrong with bakiaknya, not only must be displayed on the track.

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