Thursday, December 24, 2009

Little Black Dress, it's so Beautiful

Black Dress, or better known as NQ BA is one of the options for the classic dress to any occasion. Called classical, because long ago was never into the category of "outdated". In a way, this type of dress is an investment. Wherever you go, this dress can be a choice of "safe", live play accessories. To be even more beautiful in your body, choose the appropriate form of your body. Here's a guide:

Mini maxi
For those who have a high body, mini NQ BA will help show off one of your assets, ie legs. The version shown in photo 1 can be used as reference, since closing the upper body, while giving the silhouette on the bottom section with a mini skirt. Just add sweetener appearance with high heels and stilettos.

Showing Neck
Your assets in the neck and upper chest? Make it part of the center of attention by wearing a one shoulder NQ BA. This type of clothes would look sexy worn by anyone and any age as long as have the confidence to show these assets. Impressed with lightweight clothing, you can sweeten the look with accessories and shoes with stones or metallic ornaments.

Under volume
For those who have a body tends to straight without a dent in the waist, try to choose clothing that gives effect curve, such as tulip skirt or a skirt bulge (A-line). However, women who have grooved body was matched with this type of clothing. Match with a nice flat shoes to give the impression feminine.

Without a Rope (strapless)
Drag attention to the face and clavicle (collarbone near the neck) with this outfit. Line straight neckline gives the impression streamline. If you want to add accessories, add a choker necklace or shoes that much detail.

As for those who have a larger body at the bottom, can choose this type of dress with detail on the sleeve volume. Then add accessories to enhance your big ring appearance.

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