Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Design Shoes

Shoes that seem interesting and good, does not always mean good for your foot condition. Consider the design and shape so I do not regret buying. Not infrequently beautiful shoes can leave scars here and there, because it was too tight and rub the skin. So no regrets about to buy shoes, here are some things you can consider when trying to buy shoes. No need to remember everything, but it's important you understand that shoes are the best investment for your feet.

- Installed with comfortable and able to keep your feet as possible.

- Shoes must adjust or fit into the foot and capable of supporting the point of maximum weight.

- From the forefoot to the heel safely. The widest part of the shoe should match the widest part of the foot (usually behind the thumb and little finger).

- The length of the shoe should be able to withstand the pressure when the foot moves. That is, a break given enough space (no less or more) that allows the feet active when the body comfortable. Tight enough to avoid friction in the front and rear.

- The back of the foot or shoe (usually right where the laces) must be a little loose and not a burden or tie too tight.

- Heel or should be no more than 4 cm, equipped to hold the foot by limiting the excessive movement and anti-slip.

- Enough room to change the volume when your foot expands, especially when in motion.

- Balanced. Sun is not too thick to not restrict the normal movement of the feet when walking. Ball convex soles (clogs like) will be rocking, which can affect lateral stability.

- Can you transfer weight to the floor effectively and is a good base. Shoes should be lightweight so as not to burden the feet.

- Made of soft and slightly elastic.

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