Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stay Beautiful, Kim Kardashian Without Make Up

Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardahsian actor is a complete package. Armed with a pretty face with a makeup brush and a fantastic body, which always managed to divert the attention of all men to him. Obviously, if Kim always looks perfect. But who would have thought the star was not shy partner Kim appeared in public without makeup brush. In fact, Kim had time to capture the face of "innocent" without taking in one of Latina magazine.

Presenter reality shows, Kim Kardashian managed to surprise with the face of "innocent." Kim shows the original face without makeup makeup in a photo shoot. As a result, Kim was still shining beauty and smooth touch of makeup. Thus, the contribution okezone the Daily Mail on Saturday (15/05/2010).

The strange thing dilakoni accuracy by Hollywood celebrity Kim. She posed with supporters of attributes, such as false eyelashes, sweep blush-on, foundation and lip gloss.

Apparently, this beautiful face socialite showed courage in a photo shoot for American Life and Style magazine. However, Kim is still a bit natural. Through the face of "innocent", Regie Bush's former boyfriend is sending an important message to millions of female fans, that physical beauty is not the primary.

"Make up of fun, but it is only fitting. I'm happy with myself and here I am," she told Life & Style magazine.

"The most important thing is to love our skin or no makeup," he continued.
Kim also admits to not rely on a touch of makeup to enhance their performance, so that his face is perfect. They represent only makes your face look more colorful and blushed.

"Make up only to enhance the beauty. It makes you look more fresh ," he said.

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