Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Doutzen Kroez Swimsuits Heat Cheerful Russian Vogue

Angel and Victoria, all models are always sure to show the body on the cover of magazines. After several Australian model Miranda Kerr shows her sexy cover of a magazine about some famous, now the Dutch model Doutzen Kroeze follow these steps.

Rumors are circulating mention of joy erupted bikini-bikini Doutzen used in one of the fashion magazines ready to divert attention from Adam about it.

As a famous brand models lingerie for Victoria's Secret, Doutzen Kroeze smile spread endlessly happy for a photo shoot for Vogue magazine fashion Russia. Doutzen gay bikini bikini-will soon meet the cover and the pages of Vogue magazine June 2010 edition. Similarly, as shown in Millionlooks, Wednesday (05/26/2010).

For the problem of sensuality, underwear models need not doubt this one. 25-year-old model looks gorgeous and sexy in their bikinis and swimsuits different with a different silhouette.

Collection of two pieces of bikini and swimwear one piece of work of the world's best fashion designers juggle more sensual appearance.

Doutzen best showing various poses in bikinis in various colors. Bikini-bikini penampilanya makes merry as bright yellow, pink, blue, red and other bright colors.

To complete the look there are several accessories that are not less beautiful. Like the red-framed glasses, green hat Chanel fashion house collection, necklace, accented with a sweetener in the form of a capital size of Giorgio Armani, Burberry Prorsum collection and antique bracelet.

The temptation to see a bikini Doutzen Kroeze happy?

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