Sunday, May 30, 2010

Janet Jackson Paparazzi steal New Hair Care

Singer Janet Jackson has always kept his hair long, curly shoulder-length fixed. But now, Janet perform dramatic like a guy with a super short haircut.

Genre R & B singer was caught off camera last week, and his appearance seemed very fresh. In that Janet Jackson would Nobu. Pascatertangkapnya picture of herself with super short hair, the Internet world abuzz displays the latest news about Janet's hair style that resembles a man.

However, the paparazzi are not able to capture photos of Janet Jackson. Until finally immortalized Janet was able to photograph while attending the premiere of his latest film, why married too? Janet looks amazing at the time melengang red carpet. Zimbio Thus was launched on Sunday (05/30/2010).

In fact, the new haircut is a small way to beautify and enrich their point of view. And the younger brother of the late legendary singer Michael Jackson managed to do this.

Finally Janet haircut is not only a cool effect on appearance. However, his face looked stronger. With caramel-colored skin, a pop singer born in Gary, Indiana, USA, May 16, 1966 Janet highlighted what the camera gray Lanvin dress.

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