Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coat of Arms favorite Hollywood Celebrity Accessories

As the appearance of support, accessories must be capable of reflecting the feminine side of every woman. But with the development, now has the look of different accessories. Accessories bags with a touch of contemporary trends, so have changed from earlier forms of the feminine as symbols rather dangerous.

Although scary, but many of the celebrities who love the symbol of the extreme. Many of those gathered, including designer accessories.

To find out, here are three favorite accessories designer of Hollywood celebrities in the name told Hollyscoop, Saturday (05/08/2010), including:


To leave the impression of graceful and elegant, the singer Submit raise their level of performance with a collar attachment DemiBullet. While the star of "Disney" Al Lovato also appears to shine with accessories such as wedding cake knife collar (collar berlambang knife to cut the wedding cake).

If you like both this model, which can be found in the collection of material silver cup for the collection of wedding cake knife collar. While the collection DemiBullet, bermaterial metal. Dibanderol USD55-USD220 price range.

Lim Joomi

Jessica Alba has just renewed his appearance with the accessory-Feroce Metalio Spike bracelet. bracelets with spikes, with a unique touch of the latest trend was quite horrible.

Other celebrities who also bring barbed bracelets or bracelets spike is R & B singer Rihanna, and pretty star Leighton Meester. We describe different collections that range from USD75 to USD220 price.

Sydney Evan

Handsome actor Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl stars looked dangerous when they are putting up appearances with the Sydney Evan pistol pendant fixture. Polished, with a touch of fashion, the two stars can be seen shining with a sprinkling of diamonds adorning accessories.

Sydney Evan Collection Another is a razor and cuffs of yellow gold and white gold, plus a dash of diamonds.

list Hollywood celebrities Catatatan seemed "stronger" Razor Blade diamond necklace accessories such as Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Liv Tyler, Megan Fox, Anna Paquin, and Christina Ricci. According to newspaper circulation, the price of each collection depends on the design of your message.

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