Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orange Lipstick, Summer Color Trends

If you are looking for ways to create a new look that will create atmosphere of summer, no more tan-darker the color of the body under the influence of sunlight. But the perfect way to do this is by using the color orange lipstick.

Marks not only a new season, but gave little signal "pick me"if you radiate charm on him. So that was quoted from Female Frist, Wednesday (06/01/2011).

Orange is a bright solid color. Red lipstick idol of many women who immediately replaced by a more playful orange color.

Based on the celebrities who took part in the Oscar ceremony seen many uses of orange lipstick, like Mandy Moore, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, the many fashionistas are using these brightly colored lipstick.

Yes, the wear orange lipstick? Rules using bright color lipstick, you must first select the type of lipstick. Type lipstick matte look is lighter than the use of glossy lipstick. Wear glossy lipstick to make lips look more full and wide, so you have a matte type.


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