Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Winona Ryder Not Like Wear Bra

Winona Ryder
Apparently not only Britney Spears and Miley Cirus just do not like wearing bras, Winona Ryder does not like wearing a bra. Because you do not like wearing underwear, woman is 39 years, said the first thing he did when I got home was open my bra.

Jhonny Depp is allowed former lover, one of the biggest mistakes about fashion is that when she refused to wear underwear in her lace dress in 'Reality Bites'. Because, he found the clothes too restrictive steps.

"I made a big mistake was not wearing a bra. When I tried it could not move," said Winona was quoted by Contact Music, Monday (11/29/2010).

"I'm young and my bra back pain. You know the first thing I do at home is to remove the bra. But I'm a bit sad because I do not know how your breasts will be everywhere," he continued.

Although Winona hate wearing a bra, she enjoyed wearing a tight corset for her role in "The Age of Innocence. " The reason, in tight clothes that her look sexy and perfect for the lead in the film.

"The corset is a great help to my performance, because you play people who are oppressed and you can feel the pain she experienced," he explained to the magazine Total Film.

"I have 19-inch waist and they measured me every day. I will be on the floor and they will be the rope corset 19 inch draw. But if I do it again, I want the same way, because it makes me maximumperformance "he concluded.



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