Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kate Middleton Offered Design Bridal Lingerie

Kate Middleton
Plan the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton next year also attracted the attention of Michelle Mone. The leader of Ultimo underwear company offers designer underwear for her wedding.

Michelle Mone, who received an OBE from Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace on November 25, 2010, designed the wedding dress for Kate to be charged as the wife of Prince William in April 2011. Ultimo underwear company leaders hope she accepted his offer.

Michelle said, "I designed the wedding dress for Kate, and the design will be sent to him. I think imejnya end game." The legal citations from Female First Monday (11/29/2010).

Bridal lingerie and Kate, the figure name designers who make a choice for a wedding dress fiancé Prince William begins to circulate. However, Harold Tillman as Chairman of the British Fashion Council (BFC) hope she will choose a British designer.

"She is so beautiful, and what he was wearing would look great. We want an English designer who was elected. I understand there will be a preferred candidate. We have some great designers. I think Kate would be a simple design and elegant choice, "says Harold.

The designer Phillipa Lepley is predicted to make a wedding dress for Kate. However, Phillipa (41) himself refused to comment on such speculation.

Yet the puzzle designer wedding dress for Kate began to lift with a direct statement from William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams.

"There is a real weight behind Philipa, which normally indicates that the candidate he chose to dress designs," he explained.



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