Friday, November 19, 2010

Branding for the World The Meaning of Beauty

Branding for the World The Meaning of Beauty
Any product, especially a brand to be recognized by the consumer. Build is the style of the core of the company. But still many people who did not understand the meaning of branding. And that could hurt businesses to consumers.

The assumption many people have to use the banners branding, advertising, billboards, billboards, or perhaps a variety of events related to these products may be known on the market. That this will cost you a bit.

In fact, branding is an image of a product that not only visually, but also seen in terms of the content, messages, and quality. Branding is not just about marketing, but all the elements involved. Everything is part of the process of branding. Logos, and target markets also facilitate this process, but other factors should be considered.

A product that could get the wrong perception of beauty in the world. In fact, branding in the world associated with femininity, the surf is not only seen from the product alone.

"Beauty is only beauty contest made. In Dove all women are beautiful. Beauty is seen at a crossroads, not just the product. But from photosop" said Chairman dm IDHOLLAND Southeast Asia, Daniel Surya in case presentation and discussion of branding "Fire is still a Miss understood" that kept MNC group, Build High End, Central Jakarta on Friday (11/19/2010).

Daniel said, as the branding of a product, consumers will choose the cheaper product.

"Branding is not just a beauty contest. Coorporate Branding is not just, not just the product. The world is the same. If the product is the same, consumers will choose the cheapest price," he added.

Daniel also showed, branding needed to do a special move to make more prominent branding on consumer products.

"Why do we live in the same world? This is what makes us generic similar, there are 6.5 million tourists a year. Why are we just this hour? Forever when we are a party, always the answer we got all questions. But we baseball itself, there are Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, only one, Visit Indonesia. why we need a special motion, "Daniel concluded.


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